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Treatment of ADD/ADHD

Treatment of ADD/ADHD starts with a good diagnostic workup to include:

-Complete medical history to rule out other possible causes of symptoms

-Information gathering around current/past symptoms, personal and family history, and specific symptom related questions.

-ADD/ADHD rating scales/Psychological testing

Treatment plans are personalized after a thorough diagnostic evaluation and involve the following:

  1. Medications (stimulants or non-standard medication, other medications including Wellbutrin, and natural non-prescription options)
  2. Psychological Counseling: including CBT, mindfulness meditation
  3. Lifestyle coaching
  4. Nutritional counseling

Questions to ask your doctor:

What are the possible causes of my symptoms?

What kinds of tests do I need?

What treatments are available and which do you recommend?

What the alternatives to the primary approach that you’re suggesting?

I have these other health problems. How can I best manage these conditions together?

Should I see a specialist such as a psychiatrist or psychologist?

Is there a generic alternative to the medicine you are prescribing?

What types of side effects can I expect from the medication?

Are there any printed materials that I can have? What websites do you recommend?

Don’t hesitate to ask questions anytime you don’t understand something.

What to expect from your doctor?

When do you first remember having problems focusing, paying attention or sitting still?

Which symptoms bother you most, and what problems do they seem to cause?

How severe are your symptoms?

In what settings have you noticed the symptoms: at home, at work or in other situations?

What was your childhood like? Did you have social problems or trouble in school?

How is your current and past academic and work performance?

What are your sleep hours and patterns?

What, if anything, appears to worsen your symptoms?

What, if anything, seems to improve your symptoms?

What medications do you take?

Do you consume caffeine?

Do you drink alcohol or use recreational drugs?