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Mood Disorders

Mood Disorder Care

Experience:  Psychiatrists and Mental health specialists at PCA specialize in the treatment of individuals with mood disorders, including people with treatment-resistant mood disorders.

Multispeciality team approach: PCA experts in psychiatry and counseling services use a team approach to evaluate and diagnose mood disorders.  Compassionate psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals evaluate to thoroughly understand your concerns, health issues and experience with mood disorders to create a treatment plan suited to your needs.

Innovative care approach:  PCA has board certified psychiatrists and mental health experts who also work within the primary care setting to provide evidence-based psychological and medication treatments for mood disorders.  Social workers, counsellors, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners collaborate with primary care teams to improve access to effective mood disorder treatments.

Latest diagnostic and treatment options: Your treatment may include medications, psychotherapy or other therapies.  PCA providers may use genetic tests to help determine how your body is processing various antidepressant, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety drugs. Doctors will work with you to carefully monitor medications.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation:  At PCA, we provide state of the art rTMS treatment conducted and supervised by trained, board certified psychiatrist and a team of mental health professionals. (Link here)